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Fitness Philosophy

Recover and Rest

Recovery is probably the most important part of your training programme. Allowing adequate rest between sessions will ensure your body has fully healed and ready for the next workout.

Over-training will hinder your results and cause frustration when you don’t see any progress.

After a good resistance workout your body will set about repairing the muscle fibres you tore during the session, which generally takes 24-48 hours. I advise clients to support this process by giving the body what it needs: good sleep, low-stress levels, eating well, staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol.


Getting a good sleep every night is super important to your muscle recovery, it also helps stabilise your weight, helps the mind to think clearly, and most of all, helps your performance when training.

Remember this saying next time you think you could be over-doing it:

When You Rest, That’s When Your Results Are The Best!


Meditation and Clarity

We are becoming more familiar with the benefits of mediation, but not enough people practice the art consistently. This should be a daily time of regathering your thoughts and keeping yourself aware of how you are feeling.


Mediating on a regular basis has been proven to help every area of your life, including medical benefits of improved heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduced anxiety levels.

The Power Nap

A little like the effect of meditation but with more of an energy boost after.


I power nap most days for 30-60 mins and I always feel more focused and less stressed as a result. I would avoid napping for longer than an hour during the day, as this tends to make you feel quite sleepy after, and can disturb your night sleep.

If you can add a power nap to your day, I’d highly recommend it. I know of others who swear by 20 mins every afternoon so experiment with the timings.

NEAT-Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Image by Frank Busch

Educating clients on their general activity outside of the training session reveals a lot about why they haven’t achieved their goals before.


When it comes to transformation it’s not only about what happens in the gym!

Therefore, I get involved in the daily activities of my clients. We live in a busy world and it’s easy to forget the basics, but these could be what are holding you back for reaching those results.


It’s recommended to walk or move around 10,000 steps each day, but I set targets according to my clients lifestyle. Some may be able to start with a simple walk to work instead of driving. For others, this may not be possible but a lunch time stroll on their break time could work well.

Lifestyle changes are what drive home results:

A small tweak here and there is what will get you on the road to a healthier way of living. Working with a qualified trainer will help you to avoid the many pitfalls that many face when they try alone.

If you are ready for change book a consultation and let’s discuss your fitness goals.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

My fitness philosophy was born from time spent dedicating myself to improvements.


My passion for attention to detail and great results made personal training a perfect career, as I also enjoy teaching, coaching and motivating others.

I personally welcome the challenges that are sure to come along the way, because I know the ending turns out well when I give it my best shot. More often than not, I win and achieve exactly what I set out for, and for the occasions when I don't come back with the trophy, I always learn great lessons in the journey.

Enjoy The Journey

In fact, I know you're on the right track when you start to enjoy the journey just as much as the desired outcome.

Now of course, there will be moments that seem major hard, almost impossible to get through , but these moments are here to help with the strengthening process. You will not grow much without them!

Image by Jackson David

Be Lean The Right Way

There is a way to achieve your goals that will leave you feeling deflated, fatigued, weak and generally not great, and there are proven, age-old methods of reducing body fat, whilst maintaining muscles and feeling good. You never want to compensate your physical well being or mental health for quick results that normally do not last. 

Be Patient, Be Consistent

Now back to the challenges we face as we try to improve ourselves. Your fitness philosophy is the same as any other philosophy, meaning, you will do what you think, and you think, according to what you believe. 

I like to make sure my clients are thinking straight, calm, and logical thoughts. It's amazing how much information on the internet has people confused over what they should do to achieve their fitness goals. Weight loss is a major player for gimmicks and fads to give false hopes of overnight transformations, easy methods, or brand new results.

The truth is, changing how you feel, perform, or look has been tried and tested over the the years and it remains that simple, but consistent efforts will get you there. Exactly how long it will take depends on your personal situation and I advise everyone to speak with a personal trainer (whether that's me, or someone else) for realistic targets.

Targets set by a fitness professional are going to map out exactly what you can expect providing you stick to the plan. My personal belief is that 'I can stick to any plan', but this is because I have done it in the past. I know 'deep down' that I can do it again. Some of my clients don't have this belief in themselves, and after a few failed attempts, this belief that they can't become stronger. 

Belief like these are changed over time and can be quickened when you start to see results, even tiny ones. This is why it's super important to let a qualifed trainer start you correctly, and monitor your progress throughout your programme. 

I've learned to be patient with myself and with the results I've wanted, in fact I've learned that if I try to rush, I normally screw things up. 

Checkout MY FITNESS LIFESTYLE to see how I get through most days as a personal trainer


"If you don't believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of"

Cristiano Ronaldo

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